78.25% of our picks have shortened in price this year


Just to be clear...We are not a tipping service

To put this a simply as we can... We back horses in the morning with a bookmaker and then lay them off on the exchange close to post time at a lower price for a profit! Sounds so easy but the question is which horses are going to shorten in price?


Well that's where we come in. We advise which horses to back and where to get the price. We then advise when to lay on the exchange. We can then sit back and enjoy the race knowing that we have profited regardless of the outcome. Our average daily ROI on advised prices is 10.9%...but just to be clear that's 10.90% ROI a day. That's right....a day!

And as if that wasn't enough... you don't even need to know a great deal about horse racing! As long as you know how to back and lay, we will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it!! A dream for anyone looking for a profitable trading strategy.

Take a look at our results page and if you are a trader looking for a solid daily return then this may be something for you. 

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Last 14 Days

Last 12 Weeks


Here is an overview of the last 14 days & the last 12 weeks of trading based on £50 level stakes for each trade.

The link below allows you to view each day and each trade in detail

*All Profit calculated to Lay Price we take instead of BSP


We do want to make everyone aware that the results we post are based on the lay price we secure on the exchange and not BSP. Not everyone will get the same price, In fact some of our subscribers actually get a better price. 

Although this is a low risk strategy, there is, of course, always a risk of loss so we need to make subscribers and potential subscribers aware that we can provide you with all the information you need to ensure this doesn't happen. You are responsible for your own exit strategy should you decide not to follow our advisement.

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